Wreck The Place

by Same Old Steve

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All songs played, Recorded and produced by Steve Allen in a flat in Sheffield during some of 2012 and 2013. Mastering by Thomas Lebioda


released December 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Same Old Steve Sheffield, UK

Acoustic fuelled energy driven folk punk from Sheffield UK... An amalgamation of recycled sounds keeping the world spinning in its orbit.

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Track Name: Destruction Is A Virtue
How many more are gonna fall before we realise?
How many more arms will be made before they save a life?
How many more innocent souls will be sent down to the grave?
How many more towns will be torn down to pave their way?

How many times does it need to be said?
that they cant be trusted, they cant be trained.
Have you ever seen them with their names
etched into a plaque on the fallens grave?
Behind closed doors it will never end if we
continue to lend a hand in the secondary lies that we spread.

Have they ever done what they promised the world,
or did they just say it for fun?
Do they negotiate with themselves,
or are they just too afraid?

Why do we ever listen to those?
The record's still broken, same stories told.
How many more are hired to kill?
in the fight for freedom, to be king of the hill
Seeing the death rise in their dreams.
Sleeping like a baby while the whole world weeps.
Tucked away from the sound of the screams.
This feeling goes round in our heads.
Repeating the mixed views that we're fed.
Another contradiction that unless we keep the
tapes will be never be seen.

How many sick jokes before the nation is split?
One's hating the other while the order is met.
How many times does it need to be seen
that they hate straight questions they dont answer them clean

how many times do we need to be warned?
how many more will die tonight?

how many times do we need to be told?
they're pulling out the troops, they're not coming back
Track Name: Mentally Ill
I seem to have a problem
i can t speak the truth
you glare at me intently
to weasel out of your reality
its appears that im the one who's read it wrong
im' the one whos lost the plot
you say im misinformed but i see something lurking in your eyes

i must have misunderstood
maybe i've become mentally ill
give me your drug
fix me if you can
i need be what you think is right for my ( san... ity)
compose my thoughts please cuz im a danger im out of control
help me cuz i cant do it on my own

one of us is going crazy,
i know its you and you know its me

Dont you like my words dont you like my empty promises
you say now i think you have some issues
come and have a chat well have you fixed with this program
follow these instructions
sit down for this interogation
and you will see your malady

i must be crazy
i must be out of my mind
to second guess your stories
i swear, i ask myself how could i?
then ask whats 2 and 2? if you're telling just the truth
then why all the concern when all the rumours are a fallacy?
if you have nothing to hide..
Track Name: When It All Began
Bang! Something's gone off in my head
Now I’m sitting upright in my bed
An Intense Pain, I never want to experience again
It’s early but I've got to get up to work through the day
The Boss has said he’s not accepting anymore Sickness!’
So I make my way = Big Mistake
Not Sure how much more of this I can take.

this was just the beginning and luckily I made it home
Dad helps me in, then i Collapse
he grabs the phone. the Doctor said to bring me In.
Good, because its making me
need help into the car! Oh my days
This is where the rest becomes a bit of a haze

This Isn’t Right! But I’ve got to Fight it

The stabbing in my Head, where's the Hospital Bed
On the Ward I Lay being pumped full of drugs
This Isn’t just one of them Bugs
and what happened next is mainly what I have been told
Not In my wildest dreams, could I've known what was about to unfold.
Scans revealed what could not be missed
the news that would knock me off my feet
That explains today At least.

This Isn’t Right! But I’ve got to Fight it
Gotta get on with the day no matter what, come what may

Finally out of my Hospital Bed, Thankfully I’m not Dead!
So, I’m Still here getting better and stronger all the time
Still wondering what my future may be
I have one though
So, My Deepest Thanks to everyone who’s helped me out
Track Name: I'm Not A Racist But...
the colour of your skin never comes into it
if you do Someone over you're just a dick
Racking your brain for something thats acceptable to say
I'm not a racist but....

you're jumped in the street and they take your wallet and your keys
you're left with nothing and you puke obscenities
your pissed off and thats fair enough
but whats it got to do with where you originate from?
I'm not a racist but....

you get that look in your eye before you realise
you're caught off guard
and now the secret's out
you've got reassure yourself.
I'm not a racist but....

political correctness does no favours
it just censors all the hatred you hold in place
cant stand to hear your bigot views
but its best to know just how you feel
your body language tells me what you really mean

im dreading waiting for the moment when you let me down
i can hear it in the tone of your voice
i dont want to be right but i know its coming
and here it comes... i'm not a racist but.....

youve got your funny names for each different place
for each different person, who cares for the details
you coloured your book with just a few different shades
and your dumb words just dont relate

I'm not a racist but....
Track Name: Dead Grey Sky
Its gone and happened again as i'm travelling by
i cant hear whats said but they're
waving their fingers and shaking their heads
eyes defined like a pendulum shifting from Left to right
as they pocket their complacency and try to hide

Seconds ticked past and they all stepped aside
with every word 'simon says' just close your eyes
while they try to pull the wool over your head to make you blind

All confused and crazed like a fish out of the sea
and they're up in arms SCREAMING OUT FRANTICALLY
so lets all gather round and party like its 1984
for your entertainment put your faces to the wall
while the new world order comes knocking at your door

panic rushed by and they all clap their plight
as the brass hats just sit back and watch our world divide
waiting for us to dump our dreams and put our thoughts aside

years went on by, there was no-one left in sight
There's a mad crazed lie, there's a dead grey sky outside
our big brother says i'll walk you home, you're safe with me tonight
Track Name: Braining Cats And Dogs
Rank, dark and damp and dragged by the chain around his neck
hoping you'll appreciate this walk its the best you will get, from now
walking down the hall, welcomes you to your new residence
you're dead bored and wired, clamped in and locked away for the rest of your life.

Cries are never heard through the thick thick walls
Braining cats and dogs... is it really worth it?
I want to believe in hell so they have a place to stay when they are dead
I want to believe in karma so one day they'll wake up brained in a cage

Pleas fall on deaf ears,
there's a reeking stench of death here
all to keep the selfish bastards health, clean and smelling good
You've been stolen from your norm, blindfolded and worn.
Scared awake afraid, he feels the loose nuts vibrate
in the tiny claustrophobic cage.
I think you would rather smell like shit for a day
than have your own pet brained
Track Name: Dead Man
I have my very own stone
in my patch all on my own
the neighbours man they're are easy
they leave me in peace

yeah I have my very own stone
its quite unique, its a home just for me
and they just leave me be

I've done my time, I've done my bidding
I've one last thing to say

but dont question me

I'm here when you need me
just call by sometime.
When it all seems too samey
just brush it off and ask why

I've no plans of leaving.
If you want some real healing,
come by and read this line

but dont question me

try not to forget
I may be dead but I have no regrets
these few words I have left
are written on my grave

thanks for the flowers
take this in exchange
bring your friends back
and have a dance on me

I'm a dead man
I'm a dead man
but ive still got things to say
I'm a dead man
have you read man?
I've still got things to say
Track Name: Like An Old Toy
The days have past when Every colour was new
each day brought new light from the green up to the blue
look up from the ground and the paths lead to a place
now im dressed up in black attending my wake
now i just sit staring into the dark
gathering dust like an old toy does

the days look different now things just aren't the same
memories fade into stagnant daze
when we were young we thought that nothing would change
now im just holed up drinking for the sake

im thinking that its hopeless biding my time
it should be now that i grew up and change my life
all that you have taught me it was being one step behind
that kept me racing for the win
now im strolling around with my head dragging on the ground

How can i complain about my night
when you've got it worse but say it'll be alright
i went blind but you made me open my mind
now i try to look at things through your eyes
now i no longer sit staring into the dark
gathering dust like an old toy does....
but it seems life goes on, so I've gone back to where i began
Track Name: Don't You Dare
Dont you dare fucking ride in the town
cuz the police are around and they're going to crack down

be careful what you ask for
be careful what you hear
be careful what you read in the news and see on the tv screen.
There's an underlying sneak in the surveys for your needs
health and safety madness, getting weak at the knees
blood's running thin, germs are gonna win
everything that we buy is false advertising

Dont you dare fucking ride in the town
cuz the police are around and they're going to crack down

who put the jester in charge?
dodgy news stories its a one sided card
massive fines for stupid laws
did you fill in your tax when you flicked your change at that man?
sorry pal, i cant help you out
ive been told your money must go to a faceless account
to the leech's grabbing at your sleeve when you mind your own business in the street


Public bubble wrapped, safe at last from the dangers that lurk
in the streets, the hoodies haning out out in alleys
everyone is going to run you down, no one can be trusted.
You're against/opposed what they do, but you cloak yourself and do it too
reach you arm around your back, with a knife in hand.
The devil on your shoulder mentions that we should call for their help
then the angel on your right demands you ask what if
but the damage has been done and you cause yourself a mischief
Track Name: Ghost In The Crowd
lonely guy in ragged clothes
holding his stick in the midst of the crowds
the sign says aloud 'jesus died for your sins'
nobody seems to care, they walk past
... a ghost in the crowd

weird man with the rugged face
keeping his wits close to his heart
the sign says aloud he died for your sins
but they steer far clear,
he's just a figment

lonely guy in his dog eared shoes
no-one pays the blind man for his dues
never opens his mouth
his soul has done its last round
the road to heaven is a long way down

where is his god? day in day out
spreading the good word
he's not been blessed with much of a life
did he ever think, no one sees my cries?
the big man had just forgot

he's a ghost in the crowd
where is his god now?
Track Name: Cannon And Bull
What happened in your early life, to make you want to make other lives a misery?
What happened? did you bang your head? to make you want to lie to your friends all the time
ask yourself where's it going to get you
When did it happen when your fists got tight and you lost it all over your pride
When did it happen when you'd make up your life and fictional stories make up your mind
Ask your self when did it get you? DID IT GET YOU?

When there's always someone else to cheat
you've loneliness at your disposal
you know they'll leave when they find out
So you make up new lines to cover the glitch's
in the last instalment of your awesome tales

When did it happen when your head got scarred,
you lost it all and you'd gone too far
when did your hobby turn to kicking in heads?
have you nothing left, no skin to shred?
You're headed down the same road, I'll bid you all farewell

When there's always someone else to beat
loneliness at your disposal
you know they'll leave when they find out.
So you pick a new fight to confirm that you're a man
but there's no one around to see your victory

Can you ever repeat the story the same twice?
Will you change your friends each time they suspect your lies?
You get so bored you need to prove your might,
so you knock out your friends over trivial competitive ties
Track Name: Orwells Dream
They come and go
never knowing when they might return
the wicked witch of the west
has set the world to burn
Its not a natural turn
is this the consequence of consciesness?
just a perpetual feeling
pessimistic pissing optimist
locked up or sectioned for seeing
the cracks where they're decieving us

its getting harder to speak
when our speech is far from free
as we're nearing orwells dream of a nightmare and they say...
'they wouldn't do that to me'
well you better behave and do as they say
make the news speak gospel and play the game for another day

It appears for a while that its justified
while laws and time pass us by
they pickpocket the poor, fill the mansions of the suits
but its all for you!!

and it all comes flooding back its all around on the air
and im not the only one thinking the truth is their conspiracy
its not unseen, we're not just paranoid
Our foundations just crumble away from our feet
its in plain view for us all to misread
We all take the liberty to edit the news
when's it gonna benefit you?